1.What kind of metal are our products made in?

-Alloy based- high quality brass with some percentage of silver is used to get finesse in products.

-92.5 Silver Jewellery


2.How do I know the purity of metal used in Jewellery?

-The product description mentioned on right side of images will have details mentioned.

-92.5 silver jewellery will be mentioned on images as watermarks and in description.

-By default, with no descriptions and no watermarks are alloy-based jewellery.


3.What are the types of plating(different tones) available?

All our jewellery is micron plated.

Available Types of Jewellery Plating


    Every jewellery on website is provided with description and type of plating used.

       (a)-Yellow gold Plating

       (b)-Rose gold Plating

       (c)-White gold Plating

       (d)-Geru Antique Plating

       (e)-Matte yellow gold Plating

Shades of all plating’s especially the yellow gold plating might differ with different manufacturers/karigars and different batches in which the products are made.

  • Also note that the shades of colour stones might vary slightly as subject to change with every time they are manufactured/assembled and plated in new batches and also with the appearance can be different due to different resolutions in mobile phones,laptops,computers and backgrounds used in photography.
  • Kindly Note: each pair of earrings (alloy and silver), especially the screw type undergo friction while we test the screw before dispatch. It is likely that the screw will loose some amount of plating but it is necessary that we do it so that so that its easy for the customer to wear them as soon as the product is delivered.

4.How do I know the size and weight of jewellery?

-Please check the product description provided on right hand side of product image.

- The sizes and weights mentioned are approximate.

- The weight mentioned for earrings includes weight for both.

-The Length mentioned for pendants or earrings is based on individual piece and is measured from hook/top to drop/bottom (length wise).


5.What is the life span of jewellery?

-The life span of jewellery depends on maintenance and usage of jewellery.

- All our jewellery is micron gold plated. If appropriate care is taken, life of products is good and longer.

-We do not provide any guarantee for the imported complimentary chains added to pendant sets-alloy based (if any).

- If you wear your gold-plated silver jewellery for significant periods of time, the plating will eventually wear down.Jewellery can be replated depending on nature of product. Replating would be chargeable.


6.How do I take care of jewellery?

-Keep jewellery away from perfumes, water, sweat, other chemicals etc..

-Spot cleaning with dry and soft cloth is recommended after the jewellery is used and removed.

-Do not keep your jewellery in any other box or material than plastic with cotton or soft white muslin cloth. It should be stored in dry place-away from moisture in air tight plastics or packaging.

-Handle each piece with care as many pieces, especially some stones are prone to breakage if dropped or dealt with recklessly. Avoid wearing jewellery during physical exercise, cooking or any activity that could cause scratches or breakage.


7.Do you provide Cash on delivery?

- Yes, we do provide COD up to Rs 7500.

- Refer to shipping and returns policy.


8.What other mode of payments are available?

-You can make payments through

    - Debit card

    - Credit card

    -Net banking

9.Will I get matching neckpiece/pendant to the standalone earrings?

Mail us on


-You may also call or Whatsapp on +91 9820172421


10.We liked the jewellery but does not fit our budget?

-At Allureartworx, we don’t just sell jewellery but also provide custom solutions if our customers are stuck in case of budget or any other confusions.

-Customers are most welcome to get their queries solved regarding jewellery.


11.My friend/relative liked my jewellery, they want to buy the same and can’t find on store?

-Mail us the Sku id mentioned below the product name on right hand side of the product image on our store.

-If available in stock we can send it across and if not, available we can update you for the same once the same jewellery is available.


12.Why is the same design differently priced on website?

-There are multiple factors involved in pricing of product-incase of silver jewellery it can be weight,size of the product and the process involved.

-Same design prices may vary with time as per change of silver rates-subject to the rate at that time of manufacturing or process done.

-Incase of gemstone neckpieces- the prices may vary with the nature of gemstone,weight,size,shape(cut) and the process involved.


Important Note:

Jewellery making is a manual and intricate process.

We try our best to get and provide best possible outcomes. Yet with every new batches of pieces that are made(repeat designs) slight variations(in regards to procurement of stones,shapes of findings(screwbacks or pushback,locks-shape may vary-shades of plating) is possible.With the handcrafted jewellery where stones are manually set,there can be stones of uneven shape ,as setting jewellery manually is intricate process especially with jadau jewellery.

***We do not provide any guarantee or warranty for the life of products. As it depends completely on person to person how they use it.