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Jadau Ballis Jadau Ballis
Quickshop This ballis with dark pink- green stones,pearls,kundan  can be worn on traditional outfits....
Jadau Ballis
Regular price ₹ 2,300
Lotus Necklace Lotus Necklace
Quickshop This necklace in kundan,pearls,red- green stones,gold balls in light antique gold plating can...
Lotus Necklace
Regular price ₹ 1,400
Trendy Mangalsutra Bracelet Trendy Mangalsutra Bracelet
Quickshop This mangalsutra bracelet with uncut czs and yellow gold plating can be...
Trendy Mangalsutra Bracelet
Regular price ₹ 1,000
Kundan Mangalsutra Kundan Mangalsutra
Quickshop This mangalsutra in yellow kundan, and pearls can be worn on traditional...
Kundan Mangalsutra
Regular price ₹ 1,550
Jadau Bracelet Jadau Bracelet
Quickshop This bracelet with gold chain with jadau piece in centre with red...
Jadau Bracelet
Regular price ₹ 1,750
Pearl Uncut Choker(brown) Pearl Uncut Choker(brown)
Quickshop This necklace in uncut czs with brown shell pearls can be worn...
Pearl Uncut Choker(brown)
Regular price ₹ 4,800
Callie Silver Earrings Callie Silver Earrings
Quickshop This small earrings with czs ,fresh water pearls and yellow gold plating...
Callie Silver Earrings
Regular price ₹ 2,185
Carmine Silver Bracelet Carmine Silver Bracelet
Quickshop This bracelet with red quartz and yellow gold plating can be worn...
Carmine Silver Bracelet
Regular price ₹ 3,750
Marina Silver Neckpiece Marina Silver Neckpiece
Quickshop This neckpiece in 2 layers with round motifs,aqua chalcedony and yellow gold...
Marina Silver Neckpiece
Regular price ₹ 6,985
Nora Silver Pendant Set Nora Silver Pendant Set
Quickshop This pendant earrings set with czs.mother of pearl shells,cutwork design in two...
Nora Silver Pendant Set
Regular price ₹ 10,500
Traditional Necklace Traditional Necklace
Quickshop This necklace in yellow kundan,red stones and pearls,gold balls in matte and...
Traditional Necklace
Regular price ₹ 4,625
Kaia Silver Earrings Kaia Silver Earrings
Quickshop This earrings with synthetic moissanite,czs,green long drop stones and yellow gold plating...
Kaia Silver Earrings
Regular price ₹ 7,500
Traditional Jhumkas(long) Traditional Jhumkas(long)
Quickshop This Jhumkas in kundan with darkpink-green stones,pearls and embossed matte gold design can...
Traditional Jhumkas(long)
Regular price ₹ 3,750
Ana Silver Neckpiece Ana Silver Neckpiece
Quickshop This neckpiece with fancy cut czs,synthetic mossanites,pearls,amethyst,green quartzgold balls and two tone (yellow-white)gold plating...
Ana Silver Neckpiece
Regular price ₹ 31,000
Sparkle Silver Chandballis Sparkle Silver Chandballis
Quickshop This earrings with synthetic moissanite,czs, and two tone (yellow-white) gold plating can...
Sparkle Silver Chandballis
Regular price ₹ 8,335
Colourful Bangles Colourful Bangles
Quickshop This pair of bangles in dark pink stones,kundan,pearls,green stones in screw and in light...
Colourful Bangles
Regular price ₹ 5,275

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At AllureArtWorx, where tradition meets modernity in perfect harmony. Our curated collection in Silver and Alloy combines the timeless elegance of traditional jewelry with the sleek sophistication of modern designs, offering something truly unique for every style and occasion.

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Aanvi Silver Choker Aanvi Silver Choker
Quickshop This choker with synthetic mossanite,pearls,flourites,czs and yellow gold plating can be worn on...
Aanvi Silver Choker
Regular price ₹ 34,500
Nithila Silver Choker Nithila Silver Choker
Quickshop This neckpiece with kundans,swarosvki pearls,rice pearls chain and yellow gold plating can be...
Nithila Silver Choker
Regular price ₹ 8,450
Zayna Silver Jhumkis Zayna Silver Jhumkis
Quickshop This jhumkis with big tops in kundan,pearls,and yellow gold plating can be worn...
Zayna Silver Jhumkis
Regular price ₹ 5,175
Jaiyana Silver Mangalsutra Jaiyana Silver Mangalsutra
Quickshop This mangalsutra with preciosa czs in two tone white-yellow gold plating can be worn...
Jaiyana Silver Mangalsutra
Regular price ₹ 7,975