1.What kind of metal are our products made in?

-Alloy based- high quality brass with some percentage of silver is used to get finesse in products.

-92.5 Silver Jewellery

 2.How do I know the purity of metal used in Jewellery?

-The product description mentioned on right side of images will have details mentioned.

-92.5 silver jewellery will be mentioned on images as watermarks and in description.

-By default, with no descriptions and no watermarks are alloy-based jewellery.

 3.What are the types of plating(different tones) available?

All our jewellery is micron plated.

Available Types of Jewellery Plating


    Every jewellery on website is provided with description and type of plating used.

       (a)-Yellow gold Plating

       (b)-Rose gold Plating

       (c)-White gold Plating

       (d)-Geru Antique Plating

       (e)-Matte yellow gold Plating